The EHCP annual review meeting will check your young person's progress against their agreed outcomes. All relevant professionals will be invited to the meeting to ensure that the review is person centered and focused on provision and outcomes.

To prepare, the Academy must get advice and information from anyone involved and share it with everyone 2 weeks before the meeting.

This might be:

• you and, if possible, your young person (to express views, wishes and feelings)
• any health or social care agencies involved
• teachers and teaching assistants
• therapists, such as speech and language therapists (SLTs), physiotherapists or occupational therapists (OTs)
• Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) professionals
• any other professionals working with your child

If you would like to see some more information relating to EHCP's please follow the link below:

Educational, Health and Care Pathway (EHC Plans)

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