SEND Information Report

The SEND report is information about services and support for families within the school with children/young people aged 2 – 19 years with special educational needs and/or a disability. Please see our full SEND Information report below.

If you require further information in regards to the SEND Information Report please click on the link below:

Lime Academy Hornbeam is two campus day special school for children aged 2 - 19 years. Children are provided with an appropriately paced and personalised curriculum.

Lime Academy Hornbeam is a member of the Lime Trust.

The Brookfield House campus caters for learners that have complex learning, medical and behavioural needs who benefit from a multisensory approach where communication and pupil voice are at the core of the curriculum offer. 

The William Morris campus caters for learners that can access key areas of the national curriculum which is appropriately adapted to meet their level of cognition. Students have access to specialist teachers that support learning within key areas of the curriculum. 

At Lime Academy Hornbeam, the pupils’ identified needs are typically complex and significant in the areas of cognition and learning (severe learning difficulties or profound and multiple learning difficulties) and communication and interaction as described in the SEN Code of Practice. Students may have coexisting needs in the areas of social, emotional, and mental health and/or sensory or physical.

The 2022-23 cohort of students at Lime Academy Hornbeam has the following categories of needs

• Cognition and learning
• Communication and interaction
• Social, emotional and mental health needs
• Physical and/or sensory

Admissions to the school are managed by the local authority, who will liaise with Lime Academy Hornbeam.

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